Erwin Tagle (Submission Sports Philippines)

For the new MMA enthusiasts out there, could you please tell us more about Erwin Tagle?

I’m just an ordinary guy. I’m not a bully and I just love this sport. I weigh 125 pounds and I’ve been doing MMA for almost eight years, but I really have no serious MMA instructors, although I have attended seminars from Wrestling with Akira Ota, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with Kazeka Muniz, and I learn from my opponents from competitions and sparring sessions. So every sparring is a learning experience for me.

What is your current professional record?

Professional record is zero win, and one loss. Basically that’s it.

The first time I saw you was last year 2002, when I interviewed Miles Villacampa at La Salle Greenhills. You were so thin and small back then that I even thought you were a high school student. What happened? How did you become so buffed? What type of training did you took asides obviously from weight training?

When I went to paramount gym, I met good trainers and nutritionist. They made a diet for me because of what I do. Obviously I needed more protein and some carbs, so I just ate more, six times a day actually. I have to do force-feeding.

Since your loss from your previous MMA fight, what have you learned from this experience?

This is the next level of MMA fighting, and especially when you are fighting inside the ring or cage, you don’t fool around because this is serious. What I learned the most was to work on my cardio. Techniques are useless without good cardio.

Who do you want to have a battle with asides from DEFTAC’s undisputed flyweight champion Richard Lasprilla?

Any opponent would do, someone from….(ehem) Well for me, I just love to fight. Whoever, and it doesn’t matter because I just love to fight.

You were preparing for your bout with DEFTAC Dumaguete’s finest athlete Glenn Sumanoy for this upcoming URCC-05, but he got seriously injured from training and won’t be able to compete. I’m pretty sure you are disappointed, but what are your other thoughts regarding this incident?

Glenn Sumanoy is a well-respected fighter, and a number one contender. I really trained for this fight and I was really disappointed when I found out he was injured. Hopefully he gets well soon, so that someday we could fight.

Rolly Chulhang of Wushu will take his place, and we all know that he already fought the guy you’ve been itching to have a fight with in the URCC. He also defeated Strike N’ Shoot Grapplers’ Zone fighter Ronald Gavileño last URCC-04, whom is also by the way one of the most highly respected fighter in the community. Do you think Rolly is a worthy opponent for you?

Rolly Chulhang is a good fighter; I’ve heard he’s a SEA Games Wushu Silver medallist. I really respect any fighter who steps in the ring, and Rolly is a good fighter. I’m expecting a good fight from him.

For how long do you intend to compete in the URCC? And what made you want to compete on our promotion?

Like I said, I just love to fight. And I’m here to prove myself to show what I can do. As long as there are challenging fighters, you can count me in.

This is the first time we will see you in action on the ring, do you think this will be different from your other fights? Any predictions?

Of course! This is a faster, stronger and better-improved Erwin Tagle. It will be a good show as always, because I always put up a good show every time I fight, amateur or professional.

What are your plans after the fight?

Rest for a while, and then go back in training to prepare for my next fight.

Please shoot us a final message.

I would like to thank URCC for giving us fighters a chance to showcase what we can do in the ring. More power! For those who are interested in joining Submission Sport, you may visit or join us at: Pinnacle Gym 07:30PM-09:00PM (MWF), YMCA Makati 07:00PM-09:00PM (TTH), City Gym 02:30PM-04:30PM (TTH).


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